Friday, 4 October 2013

Summer Infant Baby Touch Color Video Monitor Review

If you're looking for a video baby monitor that's full of high-tech features and looks smart and stylish, then the Summer Infant Baby Touch Color Video Monitor is ideal. Not only does it look like a smart phone, but uses the same digital technology. In fact, this is the first video baby monitor to have a touch screen that controls the functions.

With its generous 3.5" LCD color screen, this Baby Touch Video Monitor is packed full of amazing features that most parents will find indispensable. First of all it has night vision so you can keep an eye on your baby at any time during the night. As the light starts to get low, the monitor will automatically use its infrared LED's to transmit a clear image of your baby.

Then there's the two-way talk back feature which means that you can talk to your baby through the monitor and they will hear your voice through the camera. You can have a two-way conversation without even having to go into your baby's room.

Another great feature is the ability to, at a touch, remotely control the pan, scan and zoom functions. You can pan and scan to the left and right, up and down as well as zoom in and out, offering you a variety of viewing options.

Consumers rave about how easy it is to set up and use and are more than satisfied with the quality of the picture and sound. However, a few reviewers did state that they were a little disappointed with the quality of the video given the cost of the monitor. In some cases this may not be the fault of the monitor, but with the reception.

Even though signal range is up to 400 feet, this is with a clear line of sight. If there are walls, large furniture, or trees if you are in the garden, this may interfere with the signal. Digital signals are not totally immune from interference and if your monitor is too close to the camera or other wireless devices such as cordless phones, WiFi networks then this can create a problem.

The Summer Infant Baby Touch Color Video monitor is extremely portable. There's a built in foot rest for table top convenience and a belt clip so you can attach it to your belt or waistband to be totally hands-free. This makes this model a very versatile option.

Talking about versatility, you also have the ability to add up to three additional cameras (four in all) for use in multiple rooms, a must for growing families.

This model isn't all singing and dancing as it doesn't have features such as lullabies, nightlight or temperature sensor like many other less expensive digital models. However, what Summer Infant has focused on is the versatile viewing options and ease of use. It looks good too!

Because of its innovative digital touch screen technology, the cost of this Summer Infant video baby monitor is higher than other digital video baby monitors on the market. What's very apparent is that the people who bought this model felt it to be good value for money.

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